About Just Ultrasound

Just ultrasound SPECIALISES in ultrasound imaging and ultrasound guided procedures for diagnosis and therapy. Our aim is to provide timely, cost effective access to quality ultrasound services for our local community. We are located at 157 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

Why just ultrasound?  Ultrasound is an amazing imaging technology. It has the ability to show STRUCTURE such as the integrity of an organ. It has the ability to show MOTION such as the movement of a tendon along its sheath, the beating of a heart or foetal movements. It has the ability to show BLOOD FLOW such as a narrowing in a carotid artery or the increased blood flow with inflammation. All of this information can be obtained with NO RADIATION and minimal pain or discomfort.

Meet the team at
Just Ultrasound

Dr Jina Mitchell


Jina is a radiologist with more than 20 years experience in general diagnostic imaging with a special interest in ultrasound. As part of the Just ultrasound Team, Jina brings a wide range of procedural knowledge and a passion for performing quality imaging as well as empathy for her patients.

Valda Mitchell

Valda is a registered general and cardiac sonographer. Valda has worked many years as a hands-on sonographer and been involved in training and education of sonographers for more than 20 years. Valda brings a wealth of tacit knowledge and skills to the practice and empathy for patients.

Ali Minaei

Ali is an accredited medical sonographer with over 7 years of experience in general scanning. He performs a broad range of ultrasound examinations including general, MSK, O&G, paediatrics and vascular imaging. Ali is committed to providing exceptional patient care and maintaining a high standard of quality in all of his ultrasound examinations.

Jennifer Glanville

Jenny is an experienced receptionist who takes care of the needs of our patients and provides advice on all areas from bookings to examination preparation.